Business Incubation

HiaTec's Ideals

At the Hialeah Technology Center, we believe in the power of advancing a community through its businesses and enterprises. Therefore we provide incubation services in our main location. We provide a company with the necessary equipment and resources to grow. During these times of need, a helping hand - which HiaTec could provide - is what most startup companies require to get on their way to success.

Business Incubation Partners

HiaTec's workers and staff will make sure that your company grows alongside ours

As a startup organization, it is very difficult to make investments and prosper as a company. HiaTec knows this and is aware of the struggles many local companies face in terms of acquiring resources and services. We will provide those services, anything from software and hardware, to conference rooms, and even advice. By helping startups grow and develop ties with us, HiaTec certainly aids the community's development.