Hialeah Technology Center FDA Consulting, Industrial Training, and Business Incubation

Hialeah Technology Center

Hialeah Technology Center (HIATEC) is a non-profit industrial training and technology development center established by the City of Hialeah, promoting entrepreneurship, business creation, and business assistance. HIATEC programs are targeted to upgrade the skills of local workers for new and better job opportunities. HIATEC closely interacts with industry, non for profit organizations, and government offices in the offering and customization of training, technology programs, and business opportunities that promote product innovation, product quality and process efficiency.

Our history and objectives are an integral part of us

Hialeah Technology Center HIATEC, formerly known as the Fraunhofer IBMT Technology Center Hialeah (subsidiary from Fraunhofer society -Germany), since 2005 offers industry assistance programs through incubation and technology projects.Our objectives have since adapated to what our community and society require to develop. Here are our initial objectives:

  • Effectively contribute to the economic development through training programs that help create and retian better jobs.
  • Provide industrial training services of high quality and relevance as well as relevant technologial education programs for the community to have a positive impact on the workforce.
  • Help establish and consolidate technology startups in South Florida, providing new companies with lab space, technology infrastructure and technical assistance for its initial operations.
Hialeah Technology Center Office Entrance


HiaTec is an non-profit organization founded for the technological improvement of the community

At the Hialeah Technology Center we are involved in various projects in the community - anywhere from healthcare to education. As a non-profit organization that is aimed at enhancing the technological stands of our community, HiaTec serves various colleges and clinics by providing them services, technological improvements, and our undivided attention. The Hialeah Technology Center does not fall behind in FDA Consulting, Industrial Training, or Business Incubation either as we provide services unparalleled anywhere in South Florida.